From the Editorial Archive today is a shoot I worked on back in 1996 with the wonderfully talented photographer Glen Luchford for Italian Vogue, for their November issue in 1996.

The model was up and coming rising star Amy Wesson, whose look epitomised the 90’s grunge era. 

The stylist was the super talented Joe McKenna. It was my first ever shoot working with Glen and we shot it in a hotel in London.  These pictures were shot when Glen’s work was considered a little grittier and  more aggressive.

The make-up artist on this was my dear friend Lucia Pieroni. Lucia also needs no introduction for those in the know, but if you’re someone who doesn’t know, well,  she’s one of the most talented make-up artists of our time so please take the time to go check her out!!  

Glen had originally trained as a hairdresser but made the switch to photography in the early 90’s when the grunge era was emerging. I remember being quite nervous going to this shoot as Joe was already becoming known as a legendary British stylist in the US and I so wanted to do a great job, plus i also loved Glen’s pictures so much that I hoped that I would get the chance to work with him and Joe again. 

Glen went on to be the first photographer to be signed exclusively to shoot the Prada campaigns that featured Amber Valetta in 1997. The beautiful, cinematic images became Glen’s trade mark and the Prada campaigns he shot are now considered majorly iconic. 

Glen has published books with the artist and his friend Jenny Saville. His most recent book is the amazing and unexpected Damaged Negatives book,that is exactly what it says- a collection of images from his film archive that were accidentally damaged from flooding in a New York Storage building. Some of his older publications are harder to find. 

Joe is now considered one of the most prolific and influential stylists of his time. Originally a child actor ( he appeared in the British Soap Opera, Coronation Street as Ken Barlow’s son) he began his fashion career at The Face magazine in the 80’s and in 1986 he moved to New York where he went onto work with some of the most iconic fashion photographers of all time.  His work for Calvin Klein with Bruce Weber in the 90’s completely defined a generation.

Joe self produced two self titled issues of a magazine in the 90’s that are now rare, but contain some of the most amazing fashion images you will ever see. Should you ever be able to get your hands on one, I suggest you buy it and keep it. I have one but not the other unfortunately.     

Luckily for me I’ve shot with both these two fashion genius’s  sporadically throughout my career.

Amy went onto to have a successful career that unfortunately was halted mid flow when she reportedly was too high on drugs to work.

I believe Amy is clean from drugs now and although I haven’t seen her in a long time, I wish her well in whatever she’s doing. I always really liked seeing and working with Amy, she was fun and great to work with. She was part of some of the most amazing fashion moments and images that exist today.      

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